Some call me a destination hunter or a meticiulous getaway planner. Whatever the name may be, my goal is to provide you with the most unforgettable travel experience that is perfectly tailored to your personality and vacationing style.

Regardless of your budget or destination, I will come up with a thoroughly researched, individualized itinerary, seeking out only the best and most relevant venues to suit your needs—from accommodation and restaurants to day-to-day activities. Let me do the digging for you and find places you’ll love!

Different from a traditional travel agency, I want to discover who you are and plan your trip accordingly. What are your interests? What are your favourite kinds of restaurants? What do you want out of your vacation?

Whether it’s a biking tour of Provence, a family road trip through Utah, a tour of South Africa’s wine country, or island-hopping in Greece, no trip is off-limits for me.

You’ll no longer have to rummage through tons of travel blogs, guidebooks or hotel review websites to find what you’re looking for—I can organize your trip from start to finish, and save you hours of research and planning. No two itineraries I create are the same.

So leave the precious details to me. You, on the other hand, can enjoy your vacation fuss-free. A life-changing experience awaits!

How does it work?

Through an interview process, I’ll get to know who you are and what you are aiming to get out of your getaway. Then, my work begins. A basic framework will be created for you with dates, destinations, flights, transfers, and other logistics. Of course, all of this will be done respecting your budget.

The fun part follows! We will fill your vacation days with as much or as little activity as you wish. I can plan your entire day, or simply book you a late-night dinner if you want to explore your surroundings freely one afternoon.

We’ll then go over your personalized itinerary together, making any necessary changes. I’ll leave you with a Trip Portfolio, which contains all the information and documentation you’ll need before embarking on your journey.

Should you want to spend an extra day in the desert or decide to never come back, I am always just an email away! You are free to contact me at any point during your trip.

Side note:

One of the key features of my service is that I reach out to all local services not only through a booking system but via email and phone (yes, an actual voice conversation is involved!). It guarantees you a superior and personalized experience.